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Honest Business People are top consumer advocates, consultants, the very best, low cost out of court cash settlement, contingency civil litigation lawyers and the biggest scam-busters throughout North America!

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Honest Business People has now won over 40,000 lawsuits against scam-artist companies since starting the business in January of 1995. Your consumer complaints + viable evidence = + results in an out of court cash settlement contingency winning lawsuit against a scam-artist company. Sue bad builders, landlords, manufacturers, retailers, auto service centers, sue for personal injury, companies involved in fraud, business scams, unethical business practices and companies involved in wrongful dismissals, etc, etc.

We do law all over Canada and the U.S.A. Kindly just keep on sending us your consumer complaints against scam-artist companies to our email address at the very bottom of the web page, which we will turn into really big money making winning lawsuits against a scam-artist company. We will only respond to emails that say Attn Honest Business People in the subject line, in order to avoid spam. We prefer that you kindly email us only if possible, as the phone line is usually always busy. Our business address and phone number are at the very bottom of the web page as well.

Our legal fees are $100 per hour or 10% commission on a winning lawsuit only. We offer a no win, no fee policy with no retainer fees, unlimited free consultations and we do small claims. Our legal fees and consumers advocate book are affordable to everyone and tax-deductible. We do free legal work by bartering your services with ours. Do not bother to file a lawsuit by going to court on your own, as judgement will be for the defendant. Always retain Honest Business People only.

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87 Truman Road

Toronto Ontario



We are located 5 blocks South of Sheppard Avenue and 3 blocks East of Bayview Avenue

Office Phone Number 416-444-3640 EST


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